Champions crowned at the 2024 Junior Championships

Thrilling Conclusion to the 2024 Welsh Surfing National Junior Championships

**Llantwit Major, Wales** – The 2024 Welsh Surfing National Junior Championships concluded successfully over the bank holiday weekend on Sunday, May 27, and Monday, May 28. For the third consecutive year, the picturesque coastline of Llantwit Major served as the battleground for the nation's most talented young surfers. The event showcased a medley of surf and weather conditions, ranging from torrential rain to radiant sunshine, and waves varying from a modest one foot to thrilling head-high swells, ensuring a captivating spectacle for participants and spectators alike.


**Unstoppable Josie Hawke: The Star of the Championships**

Josie Hawke emerged as the standout surfer of the event, achieving an unprecedented feat by defending her titles across three categories: U14, U16, and U18 Girls. Her exceptional performance, dubbed a "double triple," highlights her dominance and remarkable consistency in Welsh junior surfing.

In the **U18 Girls** category, Hawke's skill and determination secured her the top spot, with Indi Lynch, Poppy Owen, and Taylor Shelmerdine finishing second, third, and fourth respectively. Hawke's supremacy extended to the **U16 Girls** division, where she once again bested Lynch, Owen, and Shelmerdine. In the **U14 Girls** competition, she triumphed over Taylor Shelmerdine and Indi Ward, cementing her status as a formidable competitor across multiple age groups.


**Rising Stars in the Boys' Divisions**

The **U18 Boys** category saw a fierce contest, with Euan Buick clinching first place, followed by Willem Beck, Tomos O’Leary, and Coby Williams. Buick's performance demonstrated his prowess and potential as he outmaneuvered his peers in challenging conditions.

Luca Owen took top honors in the **U16 Boys** division, showcasing his advanced skills and wave knowledge. Arthur Buick, Tomos O’Leary, and Coby Williams rounded out the podium, each displaying commendable performances.

In the **U14 Boys** division, Bryn Baker surfed his way to victory, with Max Davies, Oliver Molyneux, Fyn Bell, and Ted Davies following in his wake. Baker's agility and technique in the varied surf conditions were particularly noteworthy.


**Junior Longboard Excellence**

The Junior Longboard category added a touch of classic surfing elegance to the championships. Willem Beck's finesse and style earned him first place, with Katie David and Eddie Waring completing the top three. Beck’s ability to seamlessly transition between shortboard and longboard disciplines highlights his versatility and comprehensive surfing talent.


**A Celebration of Welsh Surfing Talent**

The 2024 Welsh Surfing National Junior Championships not only crowned new champions but also celebrated the enduring talent and competitive spirit of Wales' young surfers. The event served as a testament to the dedication and hard work of these athletes, promising a bright future for Welsh surfing on the international stage.