The Welsh Nationals

UPDATED 24/05/2022 20:28:

The 2022 Welsh National Championships are set to run at Llantwit Major!

The Welsh National Surfing Championships 2022 (Seniors)

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Women: Open, Over 35’s, Longboard and Bodyboard

Men: Open, Over 35’s, 40’s 50’s, Longboard and Bodyboard

Entry Fees: £30.00 per category








2022 Welsh Nationals split over 2 weekends!
2022 Welsh Nationals split over 2 weekends!


Due to the popularity of the event, the Welsh National Surfing Championships in 2022 will be split over 2 weekends for the first time.

The Junior event was held over the weekend of May 7th-8th at Freshwater West. Click here for the contest report.

The Open/Senior event will be held June 11th-12th at Llantwit Major. The back up venues are Freshwater West & Broad Haven South, all dependant on conditions. The event document explains this and is accessible by clicking here.

Entry for the Senior event is accessible by clicking here.





(Updated 20/05/2022)

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