Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword Poster - 2022

The Wilkinson Sword is Wales' inter-club surf contest derby.

The trophy up for grabs is the legendary sword.

Although, it's said that the real prize is the bragging rights!

The winning club hosts the event the following year, giving them the home ground advantage.

The rivalry between the clubs is high, and there is no greater honour for a Welsh surf club than to be the guardians of the sword!

Updated 29/03/2022

This year's event is now postponed for the second time due to a very poor surf forecast. Check back here, on our news feed or follow our socials for the new date once it's been decided.



Please email your entry form to admin@wsf.wales and make your online payment in full.

Click here for the entry form & full event details.



Open Men

Open Woman

Over 35's

Over 45's

U18 Boys Junior

U18 Girls Junior

U16 Boys Cadet

U16 Girls Cadet

U14 Boys Youth

U14 Girls Youth

Category guidance:

U18, U16 & U14: Your 18th / 16th / 14th birthday must be in 2022.

(If you were 18, 16 or 14 on the 31st December 2021 then you are too old for the respective category.)

N.B. No push-ins (assisted paddling is not permitted).


Over 35 & 45: Your 35th / 45th birthday must be in 2021.
(If you are 34 or 44 in 2022 then you are too young for the respective category.)


N.B. Only Men & Women can enter more than 1 category.