Welsh Junior Champions 2022 Crowned at Freshwater West

Wales’ junior champions were crowned this weekend at the Welsh National Junior Surfing Championships 2022 sponsored by PuraVida, MiPost, and Power-2GO.

The contest played out over the 7th and 8th May at Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire, with all competitors putting on great surfing displays for the judges and supporters on the beach.

Saturday brought a small swell and cross-offshore winds, forcing surfers to go all-out to make the most of the challenging conditions. Helped by an incoming tide, the waves built to shoulder-to-head high through Sunday. Entrants had more canvas to work with as the battle for finals places played out.

Among the highlights, Josie Hawke continued a run of fantastic results gained in 2021 to take first in the U12 girls category. Taylor Shelmerdine topped the podium in the U14 girls and placed fourth in the U16 girls – a group eventually won by Katie Davies on the back of consistently high scores.

Josie Hawke
Josie Hawke U12 girls (image: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


Sustained performances through the heats saw Charlotte Eales crowned U18 girls champion, while Anna-Rose Merchant landed top honours in the U18 girls longboard.

Nell Saddler
Nell Saddler U18 girls longboard (image: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


Eli Perrins Davies was the stand-out performer for the boys, finishing in pole position in both U16 and U18 divisions. Blake Jones placed first and second respectively in the U18 boys longboard and U18 boys categories.

Eli Perrins Davies
Eli Perrins Davies U18 boys (image: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


Gold in the U12s boys was claimed by Dexter Cromwell, while similarly outstanding efforts earned Tomos O’leary’s the win in the U14 boys group.

Coby Williams
Coby Williams U16 boys (image: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


Eddie Waring proved that he’s a talent to watch out for in future, being presented the Paul Ryder award for best up-and-coming surfer.

Full results

U12 Boys

1. Dexter Cromwell

U12 Girls

1. Josie Hawke; 2. Taylor Shelmerdine; 3. Summer-Marie Moore; 4. Florence Curran-Hughes

U14 Girls

1. Taylor Shelmerdine; 2. Caitlin Morris; 3. Indi Lynch; 4. Poppy Owen

U14 Boys

1. Tomos O’leary; 2. Arthur Buick; 3. Elijah Jones; 4. Luca Owen

U16 Girls

1. Katie David; 2. Poppy Owen; 3. Anna-Rose Merchant; 4. Taylor Shelmerdine

U16 girls
U16 girls finalists (image: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


U16 Boys

1. Eli Perrins Davies; 2. Euan Buick; 3. Eddie Waring; 4. Coby Williams

PSR Award for best up-and-coming surfer, in memory of Paul “Spyder” Ryder

Eddie Waring

The PSR Award for best up-and-coming surfer went to Eddie Waring
The PSR Award for best up-and-coming surfer went to Eddie Waring (image: Steve White)


U18 Girls Longboard

1. Anna-Rose Merchant; 2. Nell Saddler; 3. Evelyn Reed

U18 girls longboard finalists
U18 girls longboard finalists (credit: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


U18 Boys Longboard

1. Blake Jones; 2. Seth Reed

Blake Jones U18 boys longboard champion
Blake Jones U18 boys longboard champion (credit: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


U18 Boys

1. Eli Perrins Davies; 2. Blake Jones; 3. Euan Buick; 4. Arthur Buick

U18 boys finalists
U18 boys finalists (credit: Huw "Morgan" Williams)


U18 Girls

1. Charlotte Eales; 2. Katie David; 3. Betsy Owen; 4. Indi Lynch

Huge thanks to all our competitors and spectators for being part of another great Welsh National Junior Surfing Championships. A massive thank-you also to our sponsors @puravidaboardriders #MiPost and @power_2go for their terrific support.

A big shout of appreciation also to: Christian Surfers UK; Sport Wales; and WSA (Welsh Sports Association).

We could not have done this without your help, and look forward to seeing you again next year.

(credit: Huw "Morgan" Williams)