Covid-19 Firebreak - Restrictions for Wales

Covid-19 - Firebreak restrictions for Wales

23rd October 2020

Dear WSF Member,

Following the most recent Covid-19 restriction announcements made Monday 21st October 2020. A short, sharp firebreak will be introduced across Wales at the end of this week to help regain control of coronavirus. This means that a series of restrictive measures will be in place from 6pm Friday 23 October until 12:01am Monday 9 November 2020.

As a result of these latest restrictions, the Welsh Surfing Federation have been re- quested by Sport Wales (SW) and the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) to advise our

members NOT to Surf until the Firebreak has been lifted in Wales.

Please also be aware that your WSF insurance is null and void during this Firebreak period.

By supporting the WSF it helps us to carry out the interests of our members and the sport of surfing in Wales.

Detail below are the key points from the latest Firebreak restrictions. For the full and latest information please visit:

Staying at home
When can I leave home?

You should only be outside of your home for very limited reasons, which include:

• to exercise, alone or with members of your household. We encourage this to be done locally.

Whenever you leave home, you should try to minimise time spent outside of the home, and ensure you stay at least 2 metres away from anyone you don’t live with or are in a permitted “bubble” with.

Exercise and outdoor activity

Can I leave home to exercise?

Yes. Exercise is important for physical and mental health, and you can leave home as often as you like to exercise as long as you do so from home and alone or with members of your household (and/or a carer).

What kind of exercise is permitted?

There are no legal limits on this, but in practice this is constrained by other restrictions that have been imposed such as the closure of leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools. As one of the purposes of the restrictions is to reduce pressure on the Welsh NHS, we also ask people to avoid activities that involve a significant degree of risk (for example swimming or other exercise at sea, or in lakes, rivers or other waterways).

Are there any limits on how far I can run or cycle for exercise?

There are no limits on the distance you can travel during exercise, though the nearer you stay to your home, the better. Your exercise should start and finish from your home and you should exercise alone or with a member of your household.
Does taking a walk count as exercise?
Absolutely. All time spent outdoors is beneficial, as long as people avoid interacting with Can I drive somewhere to exercise?
Exercise should be undertaken locally – from home or as close as possible to the home. In general this should not involve people driving to a location away from home for this
purpose. No journeys of any significant distance should be taken, for example, just in order to exercise in the countryside or at beauty spots.
People with specific health or mobility issues may, however, need to travel from their home in order to be able to exercise. For example, some wheelchair users may not be able to start to exercise immediately outside their homes for practical access reasons, and may need to drive to a suitable flat location, such as a park, for this purpose. In these circum- stances the journey should be to the nearest convenient accessible location and no long journeys should be undertaken unless absolutely necessary.
The need to carry sports equipment isn’t regarded as a justification on its own for driving in these circumstances.
Can I do other things while out for exercise?
Yes, as long as they are also permitted, and do not involve gathering with people from other households outside a permitted “bubble”. Combining exercise with walking a dog or going to a shop to buy food, for example, is considered to be reasonable.
Leaving your home to exercise should not be used as an excuse to undertake other activity which is not permitted. The purpose of leaving home is to exercise. Going for a walk and then having a picnic or spending a prolonged period on a park bench, for example, is not considered to be exercise and is not intended to be a reasonable excuse.
Will professional or elite sports be allowed?
Sportspeople who work and earn a living through sport are allowed to continue working, and like everyone else they can leave home to do so if they cannot work from home. However, the elite programme, overseen by Sport Wales, will be suspended during this circuit breaker period.

Thank you
Welsh Surfing Federation