Acceptance of the sport of Surfing to the Olympics Games 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

August 3rd – Rio de Janeiro.

British Surfing to participate in the Olympic Games 2020, Tokyo, Japan

It was announced today that member nations of the Olympic Movement voted in favour of the inclusion of the sport of Surfing in the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo. Surfing is one of five new sports to be included and provides a platform for British surfing to excel on the world stage.
International Surfing Association statement here
Additionally, the surfing Federations from across Britain, have today announced the signing of an agreement that sets the foundations for the future development of the sport across the British Islands.
Within the British Islands the governing bodies for the sport of surfing consists of the Scottish Surfing Federation, the English Surfing Federation, the Welsh Surfing Federation and the Channel Islands Surfing Federation, each of which manage the sport in their own jurisdiction.
Over recent years each of the Federations have gone from strength to strength; managing their own programs and teams at European and World Championship level.
Earlier this year with the prospect of Surfing entering the Olympics, an event which now requires British Team participation, the Federations representing each jurisdiction formed the British Surfing Union of Recognised Federations (‘BSURF’) agreement.
As well as framing how the governing bodies will come together to prepare, select and manage a British team when required, the BSURF agreement offers each home nation a framework for collaboration and mutual support.
“Surfing in Wales is gathering strength and pace and following our acceptance in 2013 as an independent nation within the International Surfing Association, we have been competing at the World Surfing Games in addition to the European Surfing Championships.
With the inclusion of surfing in the Olympics, Wales is set to play, once again, a major role in World Surfing & Sporting Events. With the advent of Surfing becoming a major world sport and through the development of surfing facilities such as Surf Snowdonia in North Wales and our proposed Centre of Excellence in South Wales, surfing is moving rapidly into a new era in Wales and the World. With an abundance of a spectacular Welsh coastline and surfing beaches, Wales is naturally poised to become a major stakeholder in British, European and World Surfing”.
Stu Bentley – WSF Secretary
“For the sport of surfing, these are very exciting times, and the surfing federations now embark on a journey to build an effective strategy and development plan that will prepare British athletes for the world stage in readiness for the Olympic Games 2020”.
William Watson on behalf of BSURF
For further information please contact:
Huw John – WSF President , Stuart Bentley – WSF Secretary Tel: 0845 3080996
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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